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How to make Natural Air Freshener with Essential Oils for home?

Making your own air fresheners using essential oils is a money-saving way to add pleasant, fresh scents to your home while reducing your exposure to unwanted chemicals. Plus, you can completely tailor the scents to your preferences or your needs. If you haven't used essential oils before, don't be afraid to jump in.

Essential oils are a highly-concentrated and fragrant liquid extracted from plants and can provide a range of therapeutic and health benefits. Look for essential oils at health and natural foods stores or online. Don't let the price tag scare you off — just a few drops of essential oil goes a very long way — and those tiny bottles will most likely end up lasting you years.

Here are some common essential oils and their benefits:

Lavender: improves sleep quality and calms the nervous system
Basil: helps relieve headaches
Rosemary: stimulates the mind and improves memory
Clary sage: calms the nervous system
Clove oil: helps relieve nasal congestion and also contains aphrodisiac qualities
Lemon: acts as a natural antidepressant and calms anxiety
Orange: refreshes and relaxes

Homemade oil diffusers
Oil diffusers are a great way to infuse your home with a continuous and subtle scent, while avoiding the potential danger of a flame from a candle. The cost of many these packaged diffusers is unfortunately not as pleasant, however, and they often contain unnatural ingredients that we don't necessarily want diffused around the house along with the scent.

To skip the unwanted ingredients and the expense, try making your own oil diffuser using an essential oil of your choosing. Or, experiment with combining oils for a highly-personalized scent — just be sure to test out the combination by adding a drop or two of each of the oils to a cotton ball to make sure the blend is appealing to you.
You will need:

A small, clean jar. A container with a wide base and a small opening works best, as they discourage evaporation.
Reeds. A lot of health stores and candle shops carry reeds. They are also available for purchase online.
Mineral oil. Available in grocery and drug stores. Mineral oil is less viscous than vegetable oil and is better at carrying the scent up the reeds.
Vodka. Plain, unflavored, nondiluted vodka. The vodka helps thin out the oil so that it will move more easily up the reeds.
Essential oil(s). A few suggested oil combinations are lavender and lemon, orange and cinnamon, and basil and peppermint.

How to assemble your oil diffuser:

Pour one-quarter cup mineral oil and two tablespoons vodka into a measuring cup and stir well to combine the liquids.
Add in one and one-half tablespoons of essential oil (the ratio should be about one part essential oil to four parts mineral oil and vodka).
Stir well and pour the oil mixture into your container. Insert as many reeds as will fit into the opening.
Flip the reeds every few days to optimize the scent diffusion.

Ways to use essential oils around the house....

Quick and Easy Natural Air Freshener: This is one of the fastest ways to fill a room with the natural scents of aromatherapy. Put a bowl of boiling water on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom or any room you want to scent. It's best to use a glass bowl. I just put the bowl of water in the microwave for 5 minutes and heat it. Add 1-9 drops of the essential oil of your choice to the boiling water and in a few seconds the entire area will be filled with a wonderful scent. It's amazing how fast the scent fills the room! This is a good technique to use if company is coming over to scent your home in a hurry. This tip is by Valerie Ann Werwood, Author of The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Mold Killer Spray: Simply mix 2 teaspoons Tea Tree oil in 2 cups of warm water. Pour into a spray bottle and shake to blend. Spray the molded area. Let sit for around a half hour, then wipe with cloth. Do not rinse.

Vacuuming: Take 2 cotton balls and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cotton balls and drop them in your vacuum bag to fill your home with your favorite aromatherapy scents while vacuuming.

Scented Lightbulbs: Put 1-2 drops of essential oil on your light bulbs in your lamps when not in use. When you turn on your light again the heat from the bulb will warm the oil and add a nice fragrance to your room. Make sure the light bulb is off and cold before adding the essential oil.

Cleaning Services: Carry a small oil burner with you to your clients homes and add some water to your oil burner and a few drops of essential oil. Burn the oil while cleaning to add a beautiful scent to your clients homes.

Mice: It is said that mice do not like Peppermint. Put some Peppermint oil in a spray bottle and add a little water. Spray where you think mice may be in your home. I use this method: I put some Peppermint Oil on a few cotton balls and put them under my sinks.

Clothes: Place cotton balls with a few drops of Lavender oil in your drawers and closets to freshen.

Our Precious Companions: It is said that Lavender soothes dogs. Spray a light mist of the Lavender Bed Linen on your dogs bedding.

Oil Burners: If you have an oil burner at home, add 1ml of your favorite essential oil with water to fill your home with a natural fragrant scent.

In the Dryer: As a natural alternative to dryer sheets, put a few drops of oil on a damp cloth and toss into the dryer with your clothes.

Potpourri: Potpourri that has lost it's scent can be revived with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Humidifier: Add 1-9 drops of essential oil to the water. This tip is by Valerie Ann Werwood. Author of The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Ironing: A few drops of lavender oil in a small spray bottle makes a fabulous ironing mist.

Flu Season: When the flu is going around, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your diffuser or simmer in a pot on the stove.

Painting: Adding essential oil to paint will counteract the unpleasant smell. And because essential oils are not fatty oils, they will leave no oil spots on the walls. Add 1 TSP of your favorite essential oil to 1 gallon of paint. Mix well. Painting Tip From The Real Essential

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